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As I'm struggling on my own, and in need of help to not only get the mod out sooner, but to make it the best. I'm looking for people who have experience with the HPL editor and can show proof of there work. Scripters, Mapper, Story writers. Everyone is welcome.

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Amnesia: City of Souls
Hi everyone, my name is Thomas Castelein. I am the creator of City of Souls and my latest: Castle Dorian. The mod is coming along and I'm realizing i need help to improve the mod. Not just to release it sooner, But to help making this mod the best out there. And that wont be done on my own. I would love to have more than just my self on this project. I really want to bring out the best out of it and show that almost everything is possible with the HPL engine. I'm looking for the following:

  • Scripters (High priority)
  • Voice acters (High priority)
  • Beta testers
  • Mappers
  • Lightning artists

People who have don't custom stories before or are experienced are welcome. Show me your best work and you are on the team. However, Scripting is the last phase of the mod and would need to wait till the beginning of 2014.

Voice actors
Just like the Scripters, Voice actors are needed later on. as dialogs could change in the mapping phase. I'm looking for 2 male actors who can really create emotional voices. There wont be allot of dialog, But because of that it needs to be perfect. When the time is there I will invite a hand full and choose the best.

Beta testers

Beta testers will be able to play the game earlier but with bugs and glitches, Your job will be to test the game and find problems. Not only am I looking for players to find bugs. I also will need to have a few look at the scripts and Story board and together with me we will adjust/ refine the story to make sure I'm not missing gaps and unoriginal parts. Beta tests will start early 2014. If you want to help refine the story feel free to ask.

Mappers/ lightning artists
I'm doing fine on my own, Its just allot of work and we could discus the events in the map and what could be changed. You may create your own ideas but always with my approval. And regular screenshot/ downloads true Skype would be needed to let me know the progress. Mappers are welcome to join at any moment.

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