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It all began as a small village. When the great empire crumbled, it was divided, three parts of the once proud and powerfull empire where remaining,and many provinces where now in hands of rebels.
One of these town was called Distoff. A ruler for the small lands was chosen, his name was Ivan.
With rebels,bandit,raiders,orcs and other dangers lurking everywhere, he decided to invest money i the cities defences.A stone wall rised up, soldiers where recruited. Now normal Bandits couldn't attack the settlement, and the threath of rebeles where very decreased. But the orc threat was still there. As solution, Ivan made diplomatic relations with them, they became vassal of them, the orcs now protected the people of Distoff. But also the Orcs and Distoff traded, which ment income for the town.

But this wasn't enough at all, they hadn't enough land for farms,plantations,etc.
So they began conquering rebel settlements.After many victories, Ivan died by a sword which slashed im in middle. The battle was won, but with loss of their fair ruler. But this conquest brought them a good city, now they had enough ground to call them self a kingdom. King Treberus rised, and he even expanded even further. Now the orcs didn't like it anymore,they would attack the kingdom of Distoff if they didn't stop expanding. But the people of the kingdom ignored it. War broke out between Distoff and the ors. While armies still expanding into former empire territory, large armies defended the northeren borders against the orcs.

After fifty years, the northeren wall rised. This is an wall that should protect the people of Distoff against the orcs. But then Treberus died off age, and his son Vladimir made a new empire, that he just called 'Vladimirs Empire'.But unfortunatly Vlidmirs Empire was no making many friends. News came of that fearsome hordes of the east where advancing westwards. They would be soon in the empires territory. Also the golden dragon hordes where coming westwards, but they where more peace full then the tiger hordes.

Vladimir took no chance, he moved a very big army eastwards to conquer some of the last rebels settlements, and putting the hordes to an hold. This didn't stop them, they just looted and occupied the taken settlements. But vladimir knew to convince them to make peace between the two.

Now its your turn take make the old empire even more glorious and powerfull then the former empire!

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Full of spelling errors you should check out. I would help but i'm not a mod member or anything xP

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Ok, i checked with the spellings corrector.
Yes, you where right, many spelling errors.. Normally the most would be gone now...

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