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No eastereggs, but still a lil present... Update to version 8626. Two new characters, Vegetto and SonBra from universe 16 A tribute to the great dojinshi DragonballMultiverse

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This time they come in pairs...

New mighty characters:

Vegetto #16 and his daughter, Son Bra

Vegettos moves:
2: BigBangKamehameha
2+U: GenkiBang
2+D: Spiritcannon
1+2 FinalDragonFlash

SonBra´s moves:
2: BigBangKamehameha
2+U: SolarBang
2+D: FlareBlast
1+2: SoulFlash

Special thanks to the great people of the DBMultiverse team, thanks for inspiration, thanks for creating new universes in the world of Dragonball

For those who do not know DBMultiverse: - more than just fanarts!

But wait, there´s more:
We also updated to version 8626
* bugfixes for the chat
* bugfixes for netplay
* cleaner scripts - faster startup

Also: Reybag has finally officially joined our team - welcome!


Also: Reybag has finally officially joined our team - welcome!

:O Congratulations and Welcome!!

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