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Blast away with Viral Vigor!!! Now available for Android on the Google Play Store!

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In Viral Vigor you play as Rad, a deadly virus that infects the brain! However, Rad needs your help navigating and defeating all the different obstacles his host body presents. Guide Rad as he bust his way through the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems of a body while fending off white blood cells, stomach acid, neurons, lymph nodes, other viruses, and all kinds of bacteria. With Rad's unique ability to infect and turn bacteria into clones of himself, you can channel his unstoppable vigor to victory!

Viral Vigor is a challenging arcade shooter that uses real time physics to create a unique dynamic experience. The player can push friendly Rad viruses around by touching and slowly dragging them or direct all Rad viruses to fire at a specific target. In order to defend, they will need to dodge enemies and their fire or counter with Rad's own projectiles. Rad viruses maintain their inertia until touched and can make contact with certain enemies allowing them to break up formations or cover themselves from fire. All Rad viruses can absorb their own friendly fire and randomly redirect the projectile, making the player's formations critical but a challenge to maintain.

Below I provided some screen shots of the finished game.

Game release screenshots
Game release screenshots
Game release screenshots

Check it out on the Google Play Store now!

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