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Check out what the critics have to say about the Beta of Vindictus, the action-packed MMORPG by DevCats, published by Nexon.

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Vindictus Beta Review

Someone wrote: "Vindictus is a realistic, action packed brawler with high quality graphics and high production value all around. No MMORPG gamer should miss it.
MMOHut "

Vindictus First Impression

Someone wrote: "You feel like you’ve just entered the movie Gladiator or 300 and I was loving every minute of it. This action MMORPG starts your ride off at a fast pace and it rarely slows for very long."

My Dead Heroes

Vindictus Preview

Someone wrote: "At a glance, Vindictus is the best free-to-play MMO(ish) game I've ever played. Graphics are smooth and fresh, fighting is simple but seems to offer some depth, the ability to play with friends offers different game play mechanics, and chicks in game are hot!"
The Gamer Muscle

Vindictus Review

Someone wrote: "Overall, Mabinogi Heroes was refreshing game experience saturated with brand new ideas of online action game. There were often noticeable features that could be improved, but let’s keep in mind that the completion rate of this game for a closed beta was impressive enough. Developers have a long road ahead, but with anticipated fan community not only from South Korea, I sure hope that this will become another greatest hit devCAT introduced to the world. Game with this much potential is definitely worthwhile waiting for its open beta release."


A New Standard

Someone wrote: There are other nit picks to be made with Vindictus. It feels a bit odd when enemies seem to be equally hurt whether hit by a stone pillar and a wooden barrel lid. But these are small issues. Overall, Vindictus is a top notch game that can be enjoyed by fans of both traditional MMORPGs and action gamers who previous shied away from the genre due to the normally slow paced gameplay. A common complaint with Asian MMORPGs in particular is the laughable English translations and lack of story, but that is not the case here. The dialogue flows smoothly, so much so that I actually found myself reading it! Text is kept to a minimum and only presented one line at a time to avoid wall-of-text syndrome. The story it self isn’t anything special, but it gets the job done. As with any free to play title, Vindictus is a constant work in progress. So far, I am pleased to say the foundations are strong. Where Nexon takes the game from here will determine how well it holds up. - MMOHut

These are just some of the reviews for the current beta of the NA Version, lots of positive, and some negative, but remember, that is what a beta is for! I can also attest for MMOHut, the translation shocked me. It's good...damn good. Also, the English Voice It doesn't suffer from Voice Actors sounding like they're just "there", they sound like they actually care about acting well. I'd say it's above average, above most retail games, even. Which really shocked me.

The Open beta starts October 13th, currently the game is in a semi-closed beta, with keys available many places online.

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