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A new patch for the mod, featuring fixes for old bugs, spear breaking, new weapons and shields, and new bugs!

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After a year of development, the Vikingr mod team has decided to hand over the development to a new team consisting of Barabas/Mammoet, Thomas Caravard and Moeckerkalfie. With the 0.84 patch a number of new features has been added to the mod, as for example new wooden fortifcations for siege scenes, spear breaking on high velocity impacts, restricting carried weapons to a logical choice (big weapons can not be "put on your back"), new clothes, shields and weapons as well as a number of fixes for older problems with the class limiter.

When the battle rows meet now, it is certain that class balance is found, with spears shattering and unfortunate riders falling often injured and disarmed into the raging shieldwall, with the returned beserkers in blind rage fighting despite many wounds until death or victory.

Philipp802 - - 1 comments

How can I download this? Im new to Desura.. I installed Vikingr but it says I only have 0.83 :/

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Moeckerkalfie Author
Moeckerkalfie - - 13 comments

0.83 is indeed the last version that was released as files, but with 0.84 you can simply use the installer and it will set up the mod properly. Now you can either download it here:

Or you just click the small "download on Desura" icon in this screen:

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sethwm551 - - 1 comments

hey i just downloaded this mod and it starts up but when i do a custom game it quits working y

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