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New content update for the Mount & Blade: Warband mod - Vikingr.

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A fresh patch for you all to get your sticky hands on! This patch contains a substantial item rebalance, courtesy of ongoing community efforts and a new update to some old textures, as well as completely new items. We hope that you'll find combat in this patch to be pushed towards the realism, breaking away from the cack that is Native. Find your feet, do not be alarmed and band with allies as you fight with the spear and the sword. Strength is in numbers. Strength is in the high-ground. Strength is in awareness.

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Vikingr 0.83 Installation!

Vikingr 0.83 requires Vikingr 0.81 to fully function properly. We recommend that you download this complete installation .exe incase you are not sure.

The Vikingr 0.83 Patch download must be applied over your current Vikingr 0.81 installation or over your Vikingr 0.81 Pre Release Super Duper Alpha Revision files. However, if you are one of the testers of our recent Development Phase revisions, we would recommend that you install the mod and the new 0.83 patch fresh to avoid any potential problems.

In short:
- Ensure you have Vikingr 0.81
- Download Vikingr 0.83 Patch
- Extract to desktop and manually copy files.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a full .exe version of Vikingr 0.83 due to our lack of a Davee-wizard.


-Vast rebalance of all weapons and armour. Combat is substantial, requires thought and requires teamwork.
- New textures for all factions.
- Retextures for all factions where applicable.
- Slight alteration of class limit code once more.
- New map, Dimgrund.
- Optional font for clearer reading.
- Inclusion of a new, improved [and more realistic] face pack.

To install optional font:
- Place in Textures
- Place font.xml in Data

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