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dev diary, posted by VET at, it explain something to mapsplitting and mod size. Here is an insight into the mapping process. IIRC Gary Fowler had to split his Explore map into three parts because computers of the day could not run it. pvcf has encountered similar issues: Quote pvcf:

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Here is an insight into the mapping process. He had to split his Explore map into three parts because computers of the day could not run it. pvcf has encountered similar issues:Quote pvcf:"Regarding the size of the map: When I finished the whole thing with all main
missions, I found out that Windows cannot handle the amount of needed RAM.
If you would really play the whole game without save and complete restarting and
reloading the game in the middle, you will have serious crashes So I split the map into two pieces some months ago.
Then, with new free space I begun to add the sub-missions and vegetation
and all the nice new objects. Long story short I had to split the big piece
But no worry; you would not be interrupted during gameplay like in
vanilla FarCry. I'll use the same system as Half Life 2.
In the main mission you will see if a loading is needed only on
your ingame screen with a LOADING message. You can walk back and the
previous part of the map will be loaded.Due to splitting the map, the loading will also not need as long as for a large
unsplit single map.Example:
The big unsplit map took 8 min of loading time on my old athlonxp
... (and that with original shaders from farcry, which are already built).
Now, a split map could be loaded within 2 minutes; but don't fear you will get
small mini maps like vanilla FarCry.Sorry for that, it was the only solution without forcing the player
to use a 64bit OS with a patched FC.exe version.This cut was very hard for me, but I had the goal that the user will not be
interrupted during gameplay with teleporting out of the map and starting a new
level.You will only see the loading message and cannot move this time, and, once the
loading is finished, you can walk back Regarding the day /night cycles: I'm not sure yet. Because I sometimes
have a forced night setting on the map after a save, I'm currently wondering if
that would make sense.Ah, regarding mapping: the maps are in such a finished state I currently
care more for the new eye candy.If TnIgg provides me with some new animations, I can build some new
things which will greatly enhance the gameplay. Very, very much Remember, my goal is NOT to hunt the player through a well designed canyon, but
to present an open world in which the player can interact, play out a story,
AND make your own story with this bunch of free sub-missions, forcing you to explore to all edges of the map. And it is still huge *g* !

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This is from another forum, I hope you have permission to post it here. After what you did to VET and all ...

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