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Hello again; I focused on the scene models (houses etc..) they are all metal yes i know its same texture but it is just the first pass of the game buildings

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So as mentioned i basicly finished with the whole design things at the moment. Now i can finaly focus on the main thing of the game. Yes vertical bug has been fixed along with rest of the things on the following list:

(Note! The V.S.4.1. will be uploaded somewhare tomorrow)

- Moved Underwater shuttle to other side of the island
created a bridge to connect them also moved zank tank there

- Implemented Train (not animated)
- Implemented Air Fighter (not animated)

- Implemented Small office building
- Implemented colony house 2 versions
- Implemented 2 types of bunkers
- Implemented Command Center

Terrain changes:
- Small visual changes on second island (created small beach)
- Added Trees to the scene and implemented wind zone.

- Vertical issue fixed, now you can look up, down, left, and right

System changes:
- Made the game for 32-(86)x and 64x bit version of windows.

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