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Version C "complete" of the Citadel Epilogue Mod is here. I've spent half as much time as all the previous versions combined. I hope you like it.

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Version C is here. For this version I've read the entire tlk files of the Citadel DLC, listened to every audio line, played every option I could in meetups and the party...I think it's done.

The installer version has everything you need. Goodbye music choices, with the original music of the Citadel DLC being an option. Texture changes are included. Basically, you don't have to use me3explorer at all. Just install the mod and everything is ready to roll. You can't even mess up and throw the party too early with CEM Lite or play the Citadel DLC too early with CEM Full if you're using MEHEM or JAM.

Anyway, this mod finally feels completely right to me. I cannot say it's perfect but the lip syncs, the tone of voice for all line changes, the camera shots...I've done everything I can to make this not feel like a mod. If you have any interest in the Citadel DLC being the ending to both the game and the story, then give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

And if you like it, leave a review. Hey, even you didn't like it, leave a review and say why. I can't promise there couldn't be an "N7 day" version if I missed some stuff.


I'm confused ,i haven't played these games in ages and have forgotten what certain mods do.
I noticed there's quite a few in the list of CEM files here .
I have all dlc for the game so which files would i need ?
This version C "complete" or some of the other CEM versions ?

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