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leveleditor upgrade - new level namek - new moveclass - more performance for linux... and more power!

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and another update...

  • * the leveleditor got a few major upgrades for easier use and more stability
  • * the level namek was added as first example
  • * new moveclass: spreadshot - the ki shotgun, available at Broly and SonBra (2+Down)

*OVER 9000!:the powerlevel limit of 4000K has been removed, (almost) unlimited power and destruction is available!

no new download required, just start LBZ and let the updater pass your firewall

Wolf0x - - 437 comments

OVER 9000!!!!!!! I think I just jizzed in my pants :D First I got excited when I read that level editor had been updated then I say the last bit and my brain literally blew up.

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pikachu10 - - 1,184 comments

i want this version soooo bad!! It has a better level editor and unlimited powerlevel!

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DjMcShifty - - 55 comments


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