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Ship multiselect, editor overlays, explosions, wreckage, and more!

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Features and Enhancements

  • Ship multiselect by dragging, double-clicking and shift-clicking.

  • Repair button for ships in strategic mode that rebuilds ships to their original form.

  • Ship editor overlays showing HP and water, repair tools, ammo and coal accessibility.

  • Nicer explosions. (Including slight screen shake that can be turned off in the options.)

  • Burning wreckage chunks.

  • Ship naming dialog.

  • More crew animations: weapons at ready, flinch, death.

  • New layouts for coats of arms: charge on bend, charge on cross, dimidiated arms.

  • Decals with coats of arms and roundels now use the lighting engine.
  • Option to let the strategic AI use player-created ships.
  • Additional COA layouts for AI opponents only: saltire, barry, paly.
  • Can drag and drop modules in editor.
  • Unarmed ships still able to move now count as "in-combat and dangerous", which means you can build eg otherwise unarmed ramming and boarding ships.
  • Gunners now lead shots at moving targets.
  • Three tactical AI difficulty levels.
  • Three strategic mode difficulty levels.


  • Rebalanced troop strengths.
  • Flak cannon damage reduced by 15%.


  • You can now host multiple LAN multiplayer games without having to restart the game.
  • An air fleet that intercepts a land fleet and captures a landship no longer gets permanently stuck with nowhere to go.
  • Lighting of gun barrels was flipped under certain conditions.

As usual, you can get the newest version via Steam, or through the downloads page if you bought the game from a non-Steam source.

Don't have the game yet? Remedy this by getting it from, your friendly, easy, DRM-free games store. You get a Steam key with your purchase, and I get a bigger share of the money, too.


Cool, man! It's getting better and better. :)

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