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No major changes, just a few skill balance, synergy tweak and item enhancement. I hope players can still enjoy this D2X legacy mod in the reign of D2R.

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  • Slightly increased curse radius of Weaken, Decrepify and Attract.
  • Slightly increased missile damage of Skeletal Mage.
  • Decreased hit recovery rate bonus of Prayer.
  • Increased damage bonus of Charge.
  • Slightly increased chance of deadly strike of Concentration (capped at 25%).
  • Slightly increased chance of crushing blow of Fanaticism (capped at 25%).
  • Salvation provides more elemental resist, max resist and absorption.
  • Telekinesis receives more damage bonus from synergies.
  • Enchant receives attack bonus from Warmth and damage bonus from Fire Ball.
  • Thunderstorm receives damage bonus from Telekinesis.
  • Energy Shield receives damage bonus from Static Field and Chain Lightning.
  • Blaze receives damage bonus from Warmth.
  • Fire Wall and Meteor receive damage bonus from each other.
  • Hydra receives damage bonus from Inferno instead of Fire Wall.
  • Increased damage bonus of Lightning Mastery (back to vanilla setting).
  • Slightly increased resist pierce of Cold Mastery.


  • Prefixes for Druid skills and skill tabs can spawn on all mace class weapons.
  • Slightly enhanced normal set items listed below:
    => Civerb's Vestments: Civerb's Ward (2 items bonus)
    => Milabrega's Regalia: Milabrega's Diadem (4 items bonus)
  • Slightly changed unique amulets "Nokozan Relic", "Seraph's Hymn" and "Metalgrid".
  • Slightly enhanced Amazon-specific weapons "Stoneraven" and "Blood Raven's Charge".
  • Slightly changed rune order of hidden runeword "Wisdom".
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