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Significant patch after seven months of rest and test. The Sin War goes on. This update contains two more files (BaseMod.mpq and edited Game.exe) than previous version for greater features such as auto gold pick-up. For D2SE users, installation is still the same, and thus you don't have to copy additional files into mod folder. Also, static map in single player is back, enjoy yourself.

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Game Mechanics

  • Auto Gold Pick-up (out of town)
  • Disabled refreshing maps in single player.
  • Bypassed 25 FPS limit for single player.
  • Fixed infinite loop CPU bug.
  • Ctrl + left click item extended to inventory, stash, cube and ground.
  • Shift + left click potion extended to belt.


  • Mana orb turns purple when mana is degenerating.


  • Removed "+ mana after each kill" from Inner Sight and slightly decreased light radius.
  • Increased attack speed bonus of Burst of Speed.
  • Removed magic resist from Shadow Warrior but added uninterrupted attack.
  • Increased initial corpse explosion radius of Death Sentry.
  • Bash receives post damage bonus from Frenzy.
  • Fixed a bug that Raven, Summon Spirit Wolf and Summon Dire Wolf display incorrect number.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents Summon Grizzly from stunning target.
  • Replaced uninterrupted attack of Maul with hit recovery bonus.
  • Increased slow effect of Spirit of Barbs (capped at 50%).
  • Increased initial damage radius of Corpse Explosion.
  • Increased resist ceiling of Summon Resist to 90%.
  • Added "damage taken goes to mana" to Concentration.
  • Slightly decreased mana regeneration rate of Warmth.
  • Replaced "damage taken goes to mana" of Enchant with "+ mana after each kill".
  • Added mana bonus to Energy Shield (capped at 5%).


  • Fixed ethereal armor socket bug.
  • Slightly increased weight (speed penalty) of exceptional and elite armors.
  • Disabled ring/amulet affixes for minimal cold and poison damage.
  • Decreased moving speed bonus of boots suffix "of Teleportation".
  • Decreased shield smite and boot kick damage bonus from strength.
  • Slightly adjusted unique items listed below:
    Belts: String of Ears
    Rings: Nature's Peace
    Jewels: Empyrean Sigil
    Charms: Guild Leader, Rescue Achievement
  • Renamed unique sorceress ring "Elemental Awakening" to "Storm Avatar".


  • Act 5 Rhino Beetle, Succubus and Oblivion Knight cast a mana-draining spell.
  • Slightly changed super unique boss types summoned by Baal.


  • Nihlathak portal persists after quest completion.
  • Slightly changed monster types in Act 5 sublevel: Abaddon, Pit of Acheron and Infernal Pit.


  • Added gamble refresh button.

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new release? amazing!!!
it seems i'm getting back into the game, assuming i'll have enough free time :p

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still capped to 25fps. This is NOT a setting you can touch.

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