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Major changes focus on the enhancement and balancing of set items.

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Game Mechanics

  • Expanded shared stash to 100 pages.
  • Slightly changed attributes listed in character extra information pages.


  • Added base defense bonus to Blade Shield.
  • Fixed a range synergy text error of Death Sentry and Corpse Explosion.
  • Changed base defense bonus of Holy Shield to poison length reduction.
  • Decreased magic resist bonus of Meditation.


  • Slightly changed unique items listed below:
    Armor: The Centurion, Twitchthroe, Darkglow, Guardian Angel
    Shield: Visceratuant, Moser's Blessed Circle, Lidless Wall, Stormshield
    Boot: Sandstorm Trek
    Ring: All except Stone of Jordan, Raven Frost, Constriction Ring.
    Amulet: Nokozan Relic, Saracen's Chance, The Cat's Eye, Atma's Scarab, Metalgrid
  • Slightly enhanced set items or partial set bonuses listed below:
    Helm: Tancred's Skull, Cow King's Horns, Ondal's Almighty, Guillaume's Face (and 2/3 items bonus)
    Glove: Death's Hand
    Weapon: Griswold's Redemption, Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer
    Shield: Cleglaw's Claw, Isenhart's Parry (and 2 items bonus), Milabrega's Orb, Whitstan's Guard (and 2 items bonus), Griswold's Honor, Trang-Oul's Wing
    Belt: Death's Guard, Hsarus' Iron Stay (2 items bonus), Arctic Binding, Credendum (5 items bonus)
    Armor: Berserker's Hauberk, Cathan's Mesh (2 items bonus), Isenhart's Case (3 items bonus), Milabrega's Robe (4 items bonus), Sazabi's Ghost Liberator, Aldur's Deception, M'avina's Embrace
    Ring: Cathan's Seal (3 items bonus)
    Amulet: Cathan's Sigil (and 3 items bonus), Telling of Beads (3 items bonus)
  • Slightly changed set bonus lited below:
    Hsarus' Defense (2 items and complete set)
    Isenhart's Armory (complete set)
    Cow King's Leathers (complete set)
    Aldur's Watchtower (complete set)
    Griswold's Legacy (partial and complete set)
    M'avina's Battle Hymn (3 items and complete set)
  • Disabled old unique bow/crossbow "Kuko Shakaku" and "Demon Machine". Please update item properties by the Horadric Cube.


  • Baal's melee attack causes slow effect (capped at 30%).


  • Fixed wrong item property descriptions regarding "Sander's Taboo" in Set Items.pdf.
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