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No major changes, just minor update primarily for balanced and enhanced items.

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  • Slightly increased chance of blocking for barbarian, druid, necromancer and sorceress.


  • Fire Blast receives radius bonus from Wake of Inferno.
  • Slightly increased missile and radius of Shock Web.
  • Death Sentry can deal fire damage by corpse explosion.
  • Slightly increased duration of Lycanthropy and Werebear.


  • Increased gambling chance for rare, set and unique items.
  • Slightly increased stamina bonus (up to 150) of necromancer shrunken heads.
  • Enhanced or balanced unique items listed below:
    Swords: Lightsabre
    Maces: Baranar's Star, Schaefer's Hammer
    Javelins: Wraith Flight
    Helms: Vampire Gaze
    Gloves: Ghoulhide, Steelrend
    Armors: Darkglow, Guardian Angel, Leviathan
    Amulets: Nokozan Relic, The Eye of Etlich, The Mahim-Oak Curio, Saracen's Chance, Crescent Moon, Atma's Scarab, Highlord's Wrath, Seraph's Hymn, Metalgrid
    Assassin Katars: Shadow Killer, Firelizard's Talons
    Necromancer Shrunken Heads: Nethercrow
  • Enhanced complete set bonus of "Orphan's Call" and "Trang-Oul's Avatar".
  • Enhanced rune words "Duress", "Plague" and "Wonder".
  • Added unused graphic to unique belt "String of Ears".
  • Added new unique small charm "Legion Medal".
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