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This update is primarily to add cube recipes for tempered rings and amulets, along with skill and item balancing.

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  • Sentries can do one more shooting.
  • Changed uninterrupted hit of Burst of Speed to hit recovery.
  • Changed synergy skills for charge duration of Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder and Blades of Ice.
  • Removed ineffective damage bonus to demons from Dragon Claw.
  • Shadow Warrior and Shadow Master receive attack and damage bonus from Cloak of Shadows.
  • Increased damage bonus from weapons of Blade Fury to 1/2.
  • Decreased damage bonus from weapons of Blade Shield to 1/4, and replaced defense vs. melee/missile attack with damage bonus.
  • Decreased attack bonus of Venom.


  • Increased chance for normal items of Find Item.
  • Find Potion receives chance bonus for healing potions from Find Item.
  • Find Item receives chance bonus for normal items from Find Potion.
  • Decreased knockback radius of Leap with diminishing returns (capped at 8 yards).
  • Howl receives flee range bonus from Grim Ward.
  • Grim Ward receives flee duration and range bonus from Howl.
  • Battle Cry receives duration bonus from Taunt.
  • Whirlwind deals more damage and receives damage bonus from Berserk.


  • Increased damage resist of Werebear (capped at 10%).
  • Changed chance of knockback of Maul to chance of uninterrupted hit (capped at 75%).


  • Slightly increased attck, defense and damage bonus of Golem Mastery.


  • Fixed a bug that caused unusual high damage of Frost Nova.


  • Fixed incorrect level and experience of Warped Shaman (Act 1 Dark Forest, Black Marsh) in normal difficulty.


  • Improved the following exceptional set items:
    Cow King's Leathers: Cow King's Hooves
    Heaven's Brethren: Haemosu's Adamant
    Naj's Ancient Vestige: Naj's Circlet
    Sander's Folly: Sander's Taboo
  • Slightly changed the following unique items:
    Bows: Witherstring, Raven Claw, Hellclap, Kuko Shakaku, Magewrath
    Crossbows: Hellcast, Buriza-Do Kyanon, Demon Machine, Hellrack
    Belts: Goldwrap
    Rings: Constriction Ring
    Charms: Arena Writ, Guild Key, Purge of Tristram
  • Slightly changed Rundword "Brand" and "Wonder".
  • New cube recipes for tempered rings and amulets:
    Magic Ring + Standard of Heroes + r 08 = Tempered Ring
    Magic Amulet + Standard of Heroes + r 08 = Tempered Amulet
  • Increased faster cast rate of tempered rings and amulets.
  • Bolts are no longer 25% faster and farther than arrows.
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