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Fix for Blessed Hammer/Concentration damage bug with additional cube recipes for crafted armors.

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  • Added 20% chance of uninterrupted attack to Burst of Speed.
  • Spirit of Barbs deals more returned damage but stops generating mana by taking damage.
  • Removed uninterrupted hit from Concentration. Damage taken goes to mana (capped at 5%) when Concentration is active.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents Blessed Hammer from dealing full damage with Concentration.


  • Fixed erroneously high hit points, experience or damage of enemies listed below in normal difficulty:
    Growling Raptor (Act 1, Underground Passage)
    Bugbear (Act 2, Halls of the Dead)
    Bone Doomfire (Act 4, River of Flame)


  • New cube recipes for random modifiers with specific prefix:
    Magic Armor + r 07 = Godly Armor
    Rare Armor + r 07 = Awesome Armor
    Any Armor + Perfect Sapphire + r 07 = Awesome Armor (Hit Power type)
    Any Armor + Perfect Ruby + r 07 = Awesome Armor (Blood type)
    Any Armor + Perfect Amethyst + r 07 = Awesome Armor (Caster type)
    Any Armor + Perfect Diamond + r 07 = Awesome Armor (Safety type)
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