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Major improvements in behaviour of villagers. Your actions now gain a reputation for you, and news spread from a village to another. Separate "shopkeepers" are gone, and all the items are owned by the community. Bartering interface got overhauled.

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Major improvements in:


Trading in villages and item ownership has been overhauled. Goods in each village are owned by the whole community and you can easily collect items from different buildings and start trading when you've got everything you want.

Version 3.18 screenshots : Trading

Restocking items in villages

Previously we used to find goods lying around only in villages that used to have separate 'shop like' storehouses. Now some basic toos, weapons, utensils and foodstuff can be found in almost any settlement. Even in isolated northern settlements like in this screenshot. Village property is naturally culturally dependent and quantity of stocked necessities depends on village population. Wealthy cultures still remain as a best source to find extra items, but the cool thing is that you can now occasionally find interesting goods among more isolated cultures as well.

Version 3.18 screenshots : Restocking


Character's actions affect to his/her reputation with village. Word gets around quickly so all the inhabitants pretty much always share the general opinion about you, provided that you have earned your reputation within the social group in question. There are several reputation categories which all are tracked individually. And within each reputation category there are several grades of good and bad. NPCs will treat you according to reputation category that fits the situation.

Version 3.18 screenshots : Reputation

Location descriptions

In addition to currently existing terrain and region name information such as "Cliff at Steephill", locations on the world are now also described relative to cultural regions and specified with compass points.

Marking of time

Now we've got old northern calendar in use. The year is divided into two halves, summer and winter. In between come midsummer and midwinter points. The periods between these four dates are of equal length consisting of 13 weeks with 7 days in each. Between the quarters the weeks are counted in reverse. That's because for ancient people it was most important to know how far away the next important transition period is.

You can see the new world location descriptions and marking of time in use in the previous screenshots; see info above and below the map view.

Ancestor list

Character's death reason descriptions and archive of ancestors have been overhauled.

Ancestors archive is now persistent. The list and statistics of your deceased characters will stay between version updates.

Extensive amount of data is collected and saved for each deceased character.

Version 3.18 screenshots : Ancestors


I've been playing this game for the last 5 years and love it! So happy you are still doing development on the gem! :)

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