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Very large update with a completely new faction created just for this mod, and a faction from the original mod entirely remastered! New features, graphic improvements, music and more are now available. More info in the link itself.

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So, after a few months of tinkering and incremental releases on Steam, enjoy the latest version of Flag Commander, which involves quite a load of new features. First of all, the Kilrathi Empire faction from Wing Commander III. Numerous capital ships and fighters/bombers are available for everyone's favourite evil kittens!

The Kilrathi faction is at its best when attacking from afar, with a large number of fighters and bombers divided into two technological tiers, but most importantly, optional long range missile launchers for almost all of their ships from corvette onwards. One or two of these are easily shot down, but once you get a proper fleet going, anything trying to get at you will have to go through a gauntlet of dozens of devastaing missiles, weakening them for the actual battle.

In addition, the Kilrathi have a completely new upgrade tree based in a dual system, with general upgrades for entire ship categories, improving stats for your ships, but also specialized upgrades for each class, turning your ships into specialized assets rather than just "more expensive means more powerful". Some ships will be aces at detecting stealth crafts, others will be very accurate and so on.

As for the models, our team received fantastic help from the Wing Commander Saga team, making available for us some awesome-looking models, meaning that now, you will enjoy some of the most detailed ships ever seen in a Homeworld mod.

But the Cats aren't the only one who benefitted from the updates: the Terran Confederation has been completely reworked to take advantage of the Wing Commander Saga assets, almost doubling its ship roster, with new corvettes all the way up to the quintessential glass cannon: the Behemoth, able to one-shoot anything every five minutes, but completely vulnerable to anything and everything.

Add to this a comprehensive reworking of the special effects for the weaponry, the explosions, the ingame music, the implementation of properly-working fuel management plus other goodies, and you've got what's pretty much a whole new mod here!

And more things are coming, as we welcome new 3D modellers to create remastered versions of the Border Worlds and Black Lance factions... and possibly even more. So keep tuned, because the Heart of the Tiger isn't retired yet!

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