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Hey guys, I need some answers of yours. I have made a change in upcoming version (3.0) and don't know, whether I should keep it or change it back.

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Well, I have some thoughts in my head and can't get rid of them.
The first is: If I have X-Wings, which can fire Protonen torpedoes, why should I left build Y-Wings in Skirmish?
And, besides, why should I wait, til I have a opponent, who's Starbase is too strong than I could take it down easily?
For these reasons I decided to take the X-Wing out of the Skirmish, he's too strong.
But: you still have 2 X-Wings, you can still "rush" with them to make your opponent dead before he got the time to tech up.
I hope you can identify with my idea.
Have still other ideas, but one thing after the other. First, I have to make the Tau'ri playable.

Hope you like version 2.2.


you can still make the x-wings balanceable imo.
first, you can adjust the damage bonus for different "classes" of proton torpedoes (ie: heavy torpedoes for the y-wings which do more damage to capitals and space stations and light torps for the x-wings which are useful vs fighters and corvettes but not heavy units.
second, significantly reduce the price of the ties to reflect the fact that the empire had millions of them compared to a relative handful of x-wings. those are just my thoughts since i dont think you should nerf the most iconic rebel ship soley for the reasons you posted.

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John_N447 Author

I think a pricing of 50 is low enough for the TIEs, isn't it?
Furthermore it is not planned to make X-Wing Protonentorpedoes, but it's a great idea.

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in my mod i gave the fighters as canon of an armament as possible, so almost all fighters had secondary ordinance
awings/slave 1/millenium falcon/tie defender - missiles
xwings/ywings - proton torps
it makes the game a little more interesting and the dogfights a little more like modern jets: launching a barrage of missiles/torps before closing to gun range

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