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Version three is going to be a major update to this mod. Rebuilt based on Riris AWE and tinkered a little to my liking.

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Summary of upcoming changes to PlusIce's Rifles Only Mod:

*4 Rifles: Enfield (added), Kar98k, Nagant, Unscoped Springfield

*Riris AWE modified by {DOB} BrainStorm

*End of Game Map Vote, Statistics, Orb System (first blood, double kill)

A few things to iron out:

*Sprint bar hidden sometimes

*Mod name hidden under healthbar (enable by cvar)

*Tweek a few cvar settings and maybe add a gametype or two

*Make a Freeze Tag Gametype?

The mod can be tested on the Resurrection Server. It's running a beta version of PlusIce's Rifles Only V3.

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