Post news RSS Version 2.6b released! Updated article about principles. New gameplay video.

New version of Protracted rebelion mod released! Check download section.

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Protracted rebellion v2.6b

- Tweaked some story missions.
- Sniper rifle has smaller magazine and is much less accurate, if you shoot without scoping.
- Heavy tank is slighly tougher, its projectile has very high damage against vehicles and has small explosion.
- Medium tank is slighly weaker and less accurate, its projectile has low damage against vehicles but has big area of effect lethal for inrantry and better against buildings.
- Fixed some little bugs with EDF vehicle spawning.
. Tweaked convoys.
- Dust max EDF control amount decreased by 10, so you don't need that many pro times in timed deliveries.
- Thermobaric rocket lancher tweaked. Lethal for everything in medium blast radius, good ammo restocking in guerrilla ammo boxes.

Saves are compatible with previous versions.

Check New principles in Protracted Rebellion.

New gameplay video shows nice battle during moded distraction guerrilla mission.

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