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Forest Soup Version 2.0 is out now with major bug fixes. No more constantly falling on your face. The game is playable again.

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Hey everyone. Just posting to say that I have released "Forest Soup" Version 2.0 today. Apparently there was this very annoying bug that would make the player constantly trip and fall on their face. This made the game very unplayable and just not fun at all.

I decided to go back and fix this issue and I did. So Forest Soup version 2.0 is out now. Once again the entire game is 100% free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the updated version of the game directly from my blog here

Or you can download it here on its IndieDB page from the "downloads" section.

I just uploaded the new versions to IndieDB so it might take a while for it to be available here because it needs to get authorized first but in the meantime you can just download the game directly from my blog in the link I posted above if it is still not available here on the indieDB.

Forest Soup Version 2.0 Bug Fixes:
+Fixed constantly falling down bug. The game is actually playable again!
+ Added a new and improved camera for the Skydiving level. Now you can actually see what is below you and where you have to go when trying to jump from floating island to island.

(Special thanks to arcanearias for playing through my game and making a video which pointed these issues out to me and recommended I improve the camera in the skydiving level.) So thank you arcanearias for your feedback because it really let me know what I should go back and fix. :)

Anyway, if any of you have downloaded and played my game yesterday when I released it or sometime today I am sorry about the falling down bug which made the game unplayable. I hope you can give my game another chance with this new fixed version. :)

Thank you.

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