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Version 2.0 is very much ready, but I am delaying it.

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What new features are in 2.0?

OVERHAUL - HLC now uses Xash3D Engine. This will give you a better, more authentic experience.

ADDITION - HLC now uses the WON menu!! (as it runs on Xash3D Engine)

Why was it delayed?

Because of piracy issues. I have an idea, but it may not work. Because the mod folder contains the FULL valve folder, (I copied the valve folder and edited the DLLs) the full game will be in action, hence you won't have to pay.

To prevent piracy, I have come up with a new idea.

Trying to prevent the piracy issue

I've added a password to the ZIP file, so for the password, you'll need to go to your Steam Half-Life files, and go to valve > overviews > boot_camp.txt, and find the 1st line. That will be the password.

Half-Life Classic - Version 2.0 will plan to release within today (Wednesday, 6th December) and Sunday (10th December)

brunocar - - 1,158 comments

wouldnt it be easier to apply the ips methodology? where you only have the modified files on the mod and those overwrite the game's files?

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DiseMods Author
DiseMods - - 88 comments

what do u mean by ips methodology?

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brunocar - - 1,158 comments

excuse my 6-in-the-morning english, i meant to say that you could do what romhacks do, you modify the files and then use a program to detect what bytes are different between them, then you copy the ones that are different to a separate file with a header that says where that info goes, which is then patched back into the original files using a program.

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Magic_Nipples - - 1,325 comments

You know you could make a mod folder where the modded dlls are. And have xash load that. It will require people to use there own provided valve folder to run the mod. Including the entire game in a mod is illegal and bad for file size.

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Guest - - 699,261 comments

wouldn't it be easy to just compare the files in your mod folder to the ones on valve and delete the ones that are the same?

also xash can be used with the files of the steam version of half-life, but i don't think you're provided with a cd key if you buy it that way (i saw your comment on xash page)

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