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We are tentatively scheduling the version 2.0 release date for January of 2016. Once of the features in 2.0 will be Treasure Cards.

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Version 2.0 Announcement

Scheduled Release Date: January 2016

We are sorry about the lack of updates lately. I have been sick for the past month and have been slowing down on progress reports. Do not worry, I am feeling much better now.

First off, version 1.2 update has been released for iTunes on both the free and paid versions. Android has not been updated as of this moment, but will be soon. Version 1.2 includes the fixes from 1.1, as well as, all of the notes from the previous news.

Treasure Cards

One of the big changes we have planned for version 2.0 is the addition of Treasure Cards. So far, we have a lot of the framework set up for the Treasure Cards. One of the current 2.0 prototypes is at:

In that prototype, Deck 1 is usable for adding in a Healing Draught Treasure Card. The addition and removal of the healing draught from a deck is functional. It only works for Deck 1, but you can take it into battle with you. The Healing Draught heals for 10+2d6 hitpoints (but not over your maximum hitpoints).

Treasure Cards1

Attack Order

When we were figuring out the attack order of Treasure Cards, we decided to have them used at the beginning of the round. There were two reasons for doing this: 1. Whenever you use a card in a round, it is discarded after the round is over. That includes when a hero dies or is shocked by a companion dying. We did not want players to lose the chance of using Treasure Cards because of deaths or stuns. 2. The original game concept was a merge of Dungeons and Dragons and Munchkin. In Munchkin, you can use the Treasure Cards on your characters before kicking down the door. In this case "kicking down the door" can be likened to an attack round. So we should have equipment/items being played at the start of a round.

Card Construction

Blazing Whip

Above is a sample Treasure Card, Blazing Whip. As with the other decks of cards, the name will be at the bottom. The elemental modifier will be in the top left - in this case Fire. For equipment Treasure Cards, we needed to add more information. The first new information is the attribute symbol in the top right. In the example above, the Blazing Whip adds +1 to the hero's Mojo. Seeing one Mojo symbol at the top immediately tells you (the player) that it add +1 Mojo. If there were two totem symbols at the top, it would indicate +2 Mojo.

The second bit of information in the equipment type - for example a Weapon. You will be able to play one weapon and either 1 or 2 non-weapons on each hero. At this point, we are undecided about the number of non-weapons as it depends on screen space.

Equipment Tiling

In order to arrange the screen space, we are planning to have diagonal equipment tiling behind the hero.

Treasure Cards 2

The diagonal tiling, will still display the equipment type (e.g. Weapon), the element (e.g. Fire) and the attribute modifier (e.g. Mojo). Once we have equipment cards working within the decks, we should be able to more accurately judge screen spacing.

More 2.0 news announcements will come. Thanks for Reading!

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