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The second release of Mini Mod, this release includes some fixes, tweaks, and adds damaged models. Also tells a little about whats planned for the next releases.

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Version Two of Mini Mod is complete. It is mostly fixes and tweaks. Most notable, it adds damaged models to all objects except for the Spidermine and IED, which are too small to have noticeable damage.

[Download is here]

In the next version, i'm planning on adding a still unnamed faction. This faction will be based on clones, and will have very few types of units/structures. i'm also planning on reworking weapons, armor, and sound. As far as sound, i will be using vanilla America sounds for the UN, Chinese for North Korea, and GLA for the African Union. The addition of faction-specific ships and boats for all factions is also planned. Last but not least, i might make infantry into squads. i'm not sure about this now, as it would be a little more difficult to balance, as well as the infantry looking odd with their super speed/slowness as they try to stay with the group.

In V4, i'm planning on adding upgrades and General's Powers, and making the superweapons work better. i might make them ranged weapons, so that they work more like a extreme base defense rather than a game-ending weapon.


1. Added damaged models to all units and structures except Spidermine and IED
2. Unused models removed
3. Made Amtrack amphipious
4. Slowed Morter rate of fire
5. Increased Morter damage
6. Slowed TOW-Missile rate of fire
7. Increased TOW-Missile damage
8. Fixed infantry not entering Compound correctly
9. Made the attach point in the middle of the Gun Position a less visible grey, rather than the purple color
10. Fixed Gun Position main gun not turning
11. Gave Command Center radar
12. Fixed Behemoth name
13. Removed build delay from Command Station
14. Fixed dead Officer having a rifle instead of a pistol
15. Allowed main gun to pitch on Mammoth Tank
16. Gave Mammoth Tank natural pitch of 20degrees
17. Gave Behemoth a Machine Gun and Flamethrower
18. Reduced Javelin pitch rate from 100 to 20
19. Remade Vehicle Depot animations
20. Decreased Gauss Cannon damage radius
21. Decreased Gauss Cannon damage
22. Increased Gauss Cannon reload time from 6 to 9 seconds
23. Increased Behemoth health
24. Increased Mammoth Tank health
25. Increased Mammoth Tank main gun damage
26. Increased Mammoth Tank main gun reload time
27. Fixed Mammoth Tank Minigun to main turret
28. Removed Horde ability from most units
29. Removed auto-repair from North Korean and African Union Buildings
30. Nerfed Apache missiles
31. Made Gorilla missiles stronger
32. Increased Gorilla missiles reload time
33. Added fire delay to Thunderstorm to make it wait till its gun is up
34. Fixed Marauder name
35. Jackal can no longer eject a pilot
36. Changed Detention Camp smoke effects
37. Changed Powerhouse smoke effects
38. Reworked virtually all locomoters
39. Added Prerequisites to United Nations Engineer, Medic, ROTAV, and Warrior
40. Added effects to Generator
41. Added build limits to high tech structures
42. Downsized Gun Position and 20MM
43. Fixed flamethrower type weapons
44. Engineer now heals vehicles around himself
45. Medic now heals infantry around himself

As always, please report any bugs.

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