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Both the client, and DRM-Free versions of Diehard Dungeon, have been updated to version 1.4

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I'm very pleased to announce that Diehard Dungeon version 1.4 is now available.

This is a very substantial patch, with many new additions and changes.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me by purchasing Diehard Dungeon. You have enabled me to continue doing what I love to do.

Full list of changes:


  • All routes are hard at high ranks.
  • Best ending achieved by exiting the dungeon at maximum rank, releasing Champions and defeating the Dungeon Master.
  • Companion Chest drops tokens as it collects treasure.
  • Dungeon Master ambushes – the dungeon master will release a
    spectre to fight you, if or when he deems you to be a threat. The higher
    your rank, the more likely this will be.
  • Enemies are now susceptible to all status effects.
  • Enemy and Trap projectiles will now collide with all enemies and containers, and not just the player.
  • Final gold chest will drop tokens if already opened in a previous playthrough.
  • Hard routes are unavailable at low ranks.
  • If destroyed, chests will drop either a heart or a token.
  • New ability – Immune to Fear.
  • New collectible – EXP. Increases your experience towards the next rank.
  • New collectible – Heart Container. Increase the maximum number of hearts you can collect (20 maximum).
  • New collectible – Tokens. Use on Token Wells (see below).
  • New enemy – Bandit. A hardened fighter.
  • New enemy – Shield Runner. Relentless, spiked shield carrying enemy that will only stop when killed.
  • New enemy – Sprite. Emits Fear and Poison shockwaves when it’s attacked or senses danger.
  • New exit criteria – Pyramids. Emits Fear, Poison and Daze
    shockwaves, has a shield and must be destroyed in order to exit the
  • New game logo.
  • New gameplay mechanic – Token Wells. Expend a token for a chance to receive a random bonus.
  • New status effect – Fear. You lose control and flee.
  • New trap – Spinning arrow shooter.
  • Player projectiles produce a splash on impact with water.
  • Ranks – The better you play, the higher your rank becomes.
  • Stats – Rank, Time Played, Escapes, Times Died and more is recorded and viewable.
  • Status effect precidence – Fire > Fear > Poison > Daze
  • spinning blade to Mayhem (spawns at level 10).


  • Challenge rooms removed from possible teleport destinations and replaced with a Token Well room.
  • Chest winnings are now dropped instead of being automatically collected.
  • Game completely rebalanced.
  • Mayhem score system. Kill enemies with an active status effect to earn more points.
  • Player/Enemy speed is reduced slightly when walking on water.
  • Water extinguishes fire much faster!


  • Bomb pots no longer activate by simply coming into contact with something.
  • Control pad no longer vibrates if using mouse/keyboard controls.
  • Dungeon Master portrait image fixed.
  • Fire engulf time bug fixed.
  • Many, many minor fixes and alterations.
  • Many, many particles improved and new ones added.
  • Many, many sprites improved or re-created.
  • Player will no longer exit an area by being hit into the exit. The
    player will only leave if they move into the exit intentionally.

Finally :D Thank you!

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Tricktale Author

You're very welcome! :)

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