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Added changes to align with MLA balance changes, support for Bugs, and some bugfixes.

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  • Added support for the Bugs' Faction metal extractors


  • Land
    • Odin
      • Removed stomp weapon
    • Omni Silo
      • Energy storage increased from 75,000 to 225,000
    • Thor
      • Removed stomp weapon
  • Orbital
    • Rig
      • Cost increased from 3000 to 4000


  • Manta not showing DPS for any weapon on its unit card
  • Manta's anti-drop-pod weapon being linked to its missile targeting system
  • Manta AA effects not being tied to where it was shooting
  • Interplanetary speeds and unittype tags for Infiltrator - with thanks to Dreadnought for the report
  • Havoc missing UNITTYPE_TacticalDefense
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