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News of an imminent release for the TALON Mod. Version 1.21 will be an update to the mod so that people can play the latest test version as we continue to work on the next full release, version 1.3.

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It's been a while since we posted an update and for that we apologise. Because of the delays getting a new version released, we have decided to release a version of the mod that is more of an update than a full release. Version 1.21 will have some items that aren't working effectively yet, but it will also have some items that are new and are working as well as some things that might give clues to what we're still working on! ;) It will also include a new 8 player map called "The Four Horse Shoes of the Apocalypse".

Items that are included and are working;

· Increased all superweapon reload times to 10 mins and significantly increased their damage.

· Build radius on all barracks changed from 50 to 100 to help with wall building

· Capped cranes at 1

· Capped structures that don't provide any benefit if there are more than one. i.e. Tech structures. This doesn't affect gameplay,it's more a way of a player seeing what they have built already, and it helps the player know what he has and hasn't built.

· Walls are free to further encourage their early game use

· Walls are now available on the Conyard build queue instead of the crane.

· Increased the build radius of expansion points (CDM Towers) to the same as cranes.


· Shockwave artillery hits target a lot quicker now and has a wider area of effect. No longer EMP's targets. (Current damage is too low)

· Reduce HP's on orca strike (was 5500 now 4400)

· Increased the garrison capacity of key structures (tech structures to 2, super weapon to 3).

· Damage settings on Firehawk bombs now match Vertigo bombs. (was 1500 now 2500 = two Vertigo at 5000)

· Reduced HAZMAT income to 50

· EMP spikes now uses power instead of adding it to the grid.

· Firehawks have a much longer range for their AA missiles.


· Obelisk damage boosted to more closely match Sonics and Storm Columns. (was 1800 now 2200)


· Scrin no longer able to upgrade power structures as they're organic and can't just upgrade

· Shock troopers reload time with the plasma disk launchers decreased (by 1sec)

· Orbital scan on nerve Center now available after tech assembler is built.

This list does not represent all of the items that will be included in the final release of version 1.3. This release will be exclusive to ModDB.

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