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It’s Patchfriday! So V1.2 of Lumni: Bender of Time is out on the Play Store. For FREE of course :)

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In this update we welcome a brand new enemy, The Skeleton. Be careful for his forwards jumping attack. Also a brand new but bright as hell, Red world. Speaking of worlds, we improved the colors of the existing levels to enhance the visibility of the enemy’s. We added a Combo system that reacts on the amount of enemy’s you hit, and we added Score! A new way of showing how good, or bad, you are doing.

But besides all of these features we fixed the bugs we had running around in the game. Those nasty bugs! Bleh!

Our plan for next week is to work on the Time Bending mechanic, it’s going to be literally Game-changing!

But for now we hope you will enjoy this next version of Lumni. Thanks for all your support we really appreciate it :)

purple action

red action

blue algemeen

You can download the game here:

Week 4 of our development of Lumni brings some big and small changes:
- We welcome a new enemy, the Skeleton, be careful!
- A brand new, bright as hell, Red World.
- Improvements towards visibility of the existing levels
- The Wasp enemy had a better attack en became a lot more fierce (and annoying)!
- Buttons to click!
- We added a Combo system, it will multiply when you defeat pesky enemies.
- Score! A new way of seeing how good, or bad, you are doing.
- Lots of random bugs fixed

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