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About the new stuff of the Version 1.18 and a video in the spirit of Christmas.

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UPDATE: Here is the Beta of the special Xmas mode: It is a standalone so you don't need to have the full game. It is all in there, except more variations for the randomly generated snowmen and Christmas trees and the webpages are missing. The game mode is very much in the spirit of Xmas with a lot of X-mas activities like eating a lot, decorating and smashing snowmen! But see for yourself.

1.18 is now live:
The new version contains 2 new sets of hats which are X-mas/winter themed and lethal thunderbolts!
Check out this video which contains 100% spirit of Christmas:

Here are the lyrics you can sing along:

Lyrics wrote: Jingle bells, jingle bells, smashed and blitzed all the way!
What fun it is to ride drunk on a horse while not serving with a tray.

The enemies are now wearing randomly generated hats as well. Because it is close to Christmas everyone should be allowed to wear a warm and comfy hat. Even little evil skeleton mans. (The enemies that are legged with more then 2 legs do not wear hats in winter, that would be silly!)

It is also more likely that you stumble on a present with a hat now. (Not a present wearing a hat! The hat is inside the present!) Someone must have lost them there. Anyway, what you need to pay attention to is not to stare into the light. The light rays that are coming from above to be more precise! You will have to carefully move around them or you might go to heaven! Speaking of going to heaven, when you die you can now control the camera like in the story telling. While being dead you can also slow down time and make a last picture. See it as a last selfie, with yourself being dead.

Also added as requested is a master volume control thingy (It is not for controlling the sound of the master knight, it just means that it controls all sound including the music (also including the sounds of the master knight)) and more different resolutions to choose from. There are also quite a few tweaks and fixes. Most importantly the glitch where it looked a bit like you jump a little while stumbling down on a gap is now fixed. Also dieing physics initialization is now improved, especially for when running the game with low fps. That odd save game bug of the 1.16 is of course fixed in the 1.18 as well.

The new line of head enhancement gear

Here is the full list:

1.18 wrote: - Added lethal thunderbolts that also destroy stuff (look out for lightrays!)
- Added 2 new Sets of Hats (winter/X-Mas themed)
- Added new death cam controls
- Added random hats for enemy Bucket Heads and Skeletons (only endless modes)
- Added master sound control
- Added some more resolutions
- Added new screenshot controls (F key or back button)
- Added some foliage to the isles theme
- Fixed save game bug (happened on first startup for people that had a < 1.1 save game)
- Fixed issues with the King ragdoll
- Fixed issue with tutorial double K.O.
- Fixed a glitch when hitting jump when just falling to death (looked a bit like you jump a little while stumbling on a gap)
- Fixed a glitch where your future self can explode in the sides of curves
- Fixed some collision issues with ripped off limbs of ragdolls
- Fixed a glitch with the customize text
- Fixed some spelling mistakes
- Fixed some issues with the story telling camera
- Fixed a rare bug in chp.3 lvl.3
- Fixed a ice cave reset issue
- Fixed a spawn issue with the barrels
- Fixed a issue with the Knightmare planet collision
- Fixed sound control for Power ups music
- Fixed a dumb dump issue
- Tweaked Hats droprate to be more likely
- Tweaked ragdoll player feedback
- Tweaked Horned Bucket Heads AI (mainly they aim now better +hat wearing are slightly more reckless)
- Tweaked some Menu graphics
- Tweaked coin balls and boxes to be also destroyable by a lot of force
- Tweaked thunder sounds and fx
- Tweaked chp.6 lvl.1 to have thunder weather
- Tweaked King cape physics
- Improved some menu buttons
- Improved dieing ragdoll physics (greatly for running with low fps)

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