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Iron Grip ends 2009 with a bang, a brand new patch for Iron Grip: Warlord! Enjoy it ModDB, and from ours to yours: happy holidays!

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Patch 1.12 is finally here. If you don't care about the what, why, when, and just want the goods - skip down to the end of the post for the downloads!

This patch introduces a lot of things, and fixes even more. It's about polishing the game, and it's fitting timing that it hits just about a year after release. These changes were long since coming, and some of them will change the gameplay for the better (and more challenging) as far as Warlord veterans are concerned.

As for the developer's favorite choice? Probably the in-game call a vote option. We like being able to kick people, it's true!


Join us New Year's Eve to meet new and old fans alike - ring in the New Year with a bang, Iron Grip style!

The goal is to play with fans, meet new friends, and have a good time. Isotx staff will be on server as well to play with you, discuss the game, and just chill. We're working on getting a ventrilo up for the event as well.

The event starts at 11PM EST (GMT -5), and will last for several hours. Drop by and say hello!


  • An in-game call a vote option. This has been something we've been asked for constantly, and we're very happy to announce this. Basically if you want to change difficulty option mid-game, or if you want to kick someone who is abusing the server with a little too much friendly fire, this option will be your new best friend.
  • A more improved turret targeting system, with no more misfires from the A/T turrets. This means more accurate shots from the machine gun nests. I'm sure you remember how the Confederates used to camp behind short walls and destroy your defenses - this won't happen anymore, we promise!
  • Smarter bots with bigger guns. Yes, you read right: the bots are now packing a lot more attitude. This should make the bots more helpful and make single player more dynamic.
  • Are you an Iron Grip: Lords of Atelia beta tester? Do you want to get some extra gold coins? Fill in the email address you are using in IG:LoA in the Name section of IGW's menu and check the gold servers. Depending on the difficulty level you play, a certain amount of gold coins will be delivered in your IGLoA account every time you win a match.
  • Misplaced landmines will not be a problem anymore! A second use of the wrench tool was added to allow you to pick up any misplaced mines and reposition them on a better spot.
  • Fixed lag issues. For those that were experiencing lag issues, we've added a checkbox in the menu that allows you to skip the bombing screen and movie.
  • First timer in Warlord? We've added some in game tips that shows up while in spectator's mode and a pop up help box which can be enabled by pressing the F1 to F4 keys. We've also reworked the manual to offer some more tips; every copy of the game, downloaded from wherever, has a manual PDF in the installer so be sure to check it out!
  • The HUD scrolling inventory logic has been improved as well. Trust me, you'll mis-scroll less and select the right options more. Those people who hated the map can also listen up and rejoice - the map "weapon" is dead. We hope you won't mourn its death too much.
  • The Message Of The Day (MOTD) window has been improved. This will allow us to establish a better communication with the players. News, announcements and contests will be posted to keep the community up to date.
  • Additional fixes. Plus, many fixes on reported bugs and features that will allow us to have a better online experience! Read the official changelog when you download the game for details on these fixes.


We'd like to alert everyone that the price is down to $9.99. We did some thinking, and we realized that a price drop would be a great way to say thanks to all of our fans who couldn't quite afford the original $24.95 price. We hope this is a welcomed change just in time for the holidays.

We would also like to take the time to apologize to everyone for delays. Honestly, we're indie developers and our Warlord team has always been quite small; it got even smaller after release. Down to half the size of prior, it took the development team forever and rightfully so to trudge through the bugs and fixes they found. They did a brilliant job with the resources available, but we had no way of knowing it would've ever taken this long. Seemingly simple changes ended up introducing weeks of work! Even the Message of the Day feature could take up to a month to begin to implement with such a tiny team! So, while we are incredibly sorry it has taken so long to reach this point, we're also monumentally relieved and happy to have reached this point. Special thanks truly go to Uwe and Nikos of the Isotx team for working tirelessly on this project for so many months.

Additionally, we would like to issue an extra apology to any Stardock users. Through a DRM error, Stardock has been unable to code our installer to match their system so this had led to us not releasing the patch yet through them.Stardock is working on the problem, and they have been a pleasure to work with. We hope to see Warlord's new patch available to all our Stardock customers soon, but it is out of Isotx's hands right now.

As for ModDB users, everything should be fine in your department. The new patch and the new demo are all 100% compatible with prior ModDB versions and ready to rock!


To download the patch, go to the following links. Now is a great time to get on the servers and play some rounds.





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