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Added three new mods: Influence History, Optional Music Pack, Landmarks and Models.

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The Elder Kings Enhancement Suite

Version 1.1.0 - Much More Content, BABY!


  • Daedric Scholar
    • Take the scholarship focus
    • Select the option in the intrigue menu
    • Select the daedric prince you want to convert to in the pop-up window.
    • 5 years Cooldown
  • Empire Formation Map
    • Find the corresponding png file in the EKSVN/EK Folder
  • Influence History
    • Click the decision in the intrigue menu.
    • Choose between the options presented to you (Becoming immortal, claiming the oghma infinium, finding the amulet of kings, etc.) for LARGE amounts of prestige and piety
  • Optional Music Pack
    • Just listen... maybe click Next Song in the bottom right corner if you're impatient like me :D
  • Landmarks and Models
    • Look at the Map (Ada-mantia, Imperial City, Crystal-like-Law, Eldenroot, Vivec City)
  • Vassalmanagement
    • Right-Click on the Counties you want to keep (the baronies in these counties will be kept aswell) and select "Raise Banner".
    • When you view the province, you should see a little green icon on the left side of the province window.
    • Click on the decision in the intrigue menu to give all titles away (which don't have the banners raised).

Influence History



New Installer Options

New Components

New Empire Map PNG

New Components Empire Map

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