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We're hoping to get more feedback as we prepare for launch.

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Thank you to everyone who played version 1.07 of Shutter, your feedback and youtube videos were extremely helpful. It was a true joy to watch people play through this project which has taken over 3 years to complete.

As Shutter is firstly a puzzle game, it was interesting to watch where players would get stuck. There really wasn't a specific section that would confuse players; one player might get briefly stuck on a certain puzzle, while another would solve it instantly. This was rewarding to us a game designers, as we felt that the puzzles didn't really needed any tweaking, and none of the players really got stuck for more than a few minutes.

One of the main criticisms was a lack of a save/load system, so we decided to split the game into 4 chapters (and an epilogue), which you are able to load from the main menu. We also added in a map of the cabin, a few more paintings to add to the ambience, and added new backgrounds to the main menu. We also fixed a small bug that was happening during the final boss sequence of the game. We hope you enjoy version 1.08 of Shutter as we prepare our Steam Greenlight page.

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