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Version 1.04 of Rush to Adventure brings a bunch of bug fixes and other minor improvements. And for a few days get it at 50% off during the mid-week Swedish sale on Steam!

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Version 1.04 brings a bunch of bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Hopefully fixed the weird bug causing you to be teleported backwards in level 18. I couldn't replicate it so I'm not sure it's fixed.
  • Levels now properly turn gold when you got all coins and experience. Even when you don't do both at the same time.
  • Enemies no longer hit you behind them on rare occations. This was mostly noticeable against the sword boss.
  • Version number added to the bottom left of the title screen.
  • Fixed a problem with the achievement "Been there done that" not updating properly.
  • Buffed up the damage for the golden sword. Now it does the same damage as the slayer sword. Attack speed has been decreased while the ability speed has been increased.
  • Increased the armor piercing of the power attack by 2 for all swords. It should be more useful now against armored enemies.
  • You no longer have to find all the gems to be able to get the achievements for C, B and A ranks.
  • The gem on level 14 has been moved slightly.
  • The jump in the middle of the last level has been made a little easier to pull off.

If you already own the game please consider writing a short review on Steam. It helps me out but also help others decide if they want to purchase the game or not.

Rush to Adventure is part of the Made In Swedish mid week sale on Steam. Check out this trailer:

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