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Version 1.03 adds support for Steam Achievements and a bunch of other fixes to the game. And don't miss the 40% off sale ending this weekend.

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Yes, finally! The big Steam Achievements update is here. And we are celebrating with a sale!

Discount 40% Off

40% off is the biggest discount of Rush to Adventure so far. The deal ends soon! There are now 40 achievements for you to unlock and a whole bunch of minor updates to improve the game.

Patch Notes

  • Now supports Steam Achievements. Can you get all 40 of them?
  • Gem in Southern Temple has been moved slightly. It's now harder to find by accident.
  • Exiting or restarting a level after taking a hit now counts as a death. You can't cheat the death counter no more.
  • Chests now requires that you stand on the ground to open. You can't just touch them and respawn.
  • Fixed a bug that gave a weird result if you leveled up, acquired a new title and completed the keystone at the same time.
  • The difficulty menu on the map screen now shows current level and % complete for each difficulty.
  • The mystical sword now does as much damage as the broad sword. The lower damage wasn't properly communicated. Also, it's more convenient.
  • Added extra platform near the end of level 31. To prevent players getting stuck.
  • Altered hint for Sprint Attack. Makes it more clear what to do.
  • Ability hints now disappears at the end of any level. So they don't stick around too long.
  • Changed the breakable wall in level 29. Didn't seem to make sense at this point in the game.

Below is my attempt at a speedrun. Almost made it under 60 minutes to unlock one of the hardest achievements. But I died a few times too many. Can you beat my time? I will record my next speedrun so subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don't miss it!

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