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The readme file for Version 1 of the mod. Have fun!

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MiniMod V1

Changes versus vanilla:
- The early game AI now uses a wide variety of weapons, including a few they never used before.
- The AI uses grenades and supressive fire more often
- The AI chases you less in the early game
- The "Bouncing NPCs" bug has been fixed by capping the FPS to 75

Changes versus other mods:
- This mod at the moment does not touch anything except the AI

Installation instructions:
This mod has been created with the Steam version of the game, which uses the 1.3 patch and the Fortunes pack.
First, make a backup of the "patch.fat" and "patch.dat" files in your Far Cry 2 folder, then overwrite the existing files with the ones from the archive.
By default, your steam installation's Far Cry 2 is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry 2\

Rationale behind the changes:
I really like the FC2 Vanilla gameplay, so a lot of the mods on Moddb, although they are far more impressive then my little mod, aren't really for me. However, after replaying Far Cry 2 since a few years I've noticed that sitting trough the early game again is a bit boring. As it turns out, Far Cry 2 has 2 difficulty settings: One is determined by the difficulty level you select at the start of the game, and one is determined by how many missions you have completed.

In vanilla:
The AI forces start out with the same weapons you do, and gradually gains better equipment.
The AI at the start of the game is rather reluctant to throw grenades, use supressive fire, or use flares.

This has now changed:
There is still progression in the AI equipment, but they simply start out with all the weapons and then gradually eliminate the weaker ones from their selection pool in step with the original difficulty curve.
There is no more progression in the AI's behaviour: They now are as agressive as they are in the final parts of the game.

In my opinion, this makes the early game much more exciting: Not only is the AI a lot more agressive, the gun reliability mechanic is now more fun to interact with: The AI can have better weapons then you, but you can use those weapons early by looting their corpses. This means that the "Picked up weapons are less reliable" mechanic now has a viable risk/reward tradeoff going on. You'll also just have a much bigger variety in things trying to murder you, which is always fun, especially when you're replaying the game or if you're one of those people that never finishes a Far Cry game.

Thanks to:
Rick, who made the mod tools
Wobatt, for making the Enhanced Gibbed Tools
The entire FC2 Moddb section.

Things I'm thinking about:
Incorperate the Fortunes Pack content into the game. The AI isn't nearly as effective with the new weapons as the player is, and honestly, I want to have to pay for them rather then getting the crossbow for free. As it stands right now it's super powerful.
Find a way to make the AI understand how the AS50 works.
Incorperate vehicles from the second map into the first map.

Have fun!

MoerasGrizzly (Jos)

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