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A new version of rtcwcoop is ready, it has a few new features and some bugfixes, enjoy !

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Changelog for RTCWCOOP 0.9.1

This version is not network compatible with RTCWCOOP 0.9. Due to the changes in the scoreboard.The main new things are awards on the scoreboard, shove command and a lot of fixes.
On windows your keybindings will be lost because we changed the default folder where they are saved.You can copy them from your C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Wolfenstein\main to C:\Users\\Documents\rtcwcoop\main.

The same applies to Mac users. The config is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Wolfenstein/mainso copy it and paste it in ~/Documents/rtcwcoop/main/

Test on forest Playtesting screenshots

New features:
!quit as a consolecommand, so you can press ! tab enter to quit quickly
shove command, press the +activate button to shove a player, must be enabled on the server with g_shove and g_shoveamount
Made the path on windows more accessible: c:\user\documents\rtcwcoop This will result in "loosing" your old configs, copy them from C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Wolfenstein\main Support for the color tags from ET On osx your coop folder will now be in ~/Documents/rtcwcoop instead of ~/Library/Application Support/Wolfenstein
Some FUN stats on the endmap scoreboard (destroyer award, airbourne award and pickup award) forced limbo mode when using flagzone respawn, time is controlled with g_limbotime

Treasure behind a Secret Door Playtesting screenshots

Fixed a possible divide by zero which could result in a server crash
fix logexit printing so only players are reported
Signal11 error fix
Bani's verify challenge fix
aluigi's info boom nuke fix
Fix for a segmentation fault on servers
No more broadcasting of dead bodies, this should keep fps higher
default value of r_primitives is changed this should fix fps drops with some new graphic cards.
shared lives now works again.
Don't disable a weapon if its ammo is out in battle gametype
Some AI related fixes where the AI code was depending on player '0'
longer delay between two maps, so stats can be viewed properly
Total number of secrets is fixed in the endmap
Show the foundsecret text print to the correct player and also give the correct player the points.
Fixed village1 and escape1 starting scripts, they also shouldn't crash anymore on a map_restart
Your server shouldn't be stopped when the last map is finished.
Dont go to main menu when pressing escape in ingame menus (thx to TitaN655)


finally some front page news

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