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After weeks of thoroughly beta-testing the new version of my mod, it wouldn't be complete without some brand new features that were added in the very last minute.

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Last Minute Changes

Version 0.2 was in Beta for several weeks and I think it's fair to say, that it was thoroughly tested. But being the silly person that I am, I also had to add a few untested things that I wrote just a few hours ago...

A slight tweak to the minigame weapons.

As you probably know, there are three main minigame weapons: a single barrel, a double barrel and a triple barrel. The triple barrel was obviously designed to be the best weapon, but in reality the double barrel is the best, because it doesn't require RSI inducing frantic button-mashing. Well, now the other two weapons work exactly like the double barrel. One annoyance less.

Cheat harder!

There are a few additions to the cheat console: You can buy most of the items my mod adds to the game via the cheat console now. The prices may be a bit hefty, but if you somehow missed an item, when you had the chance, here's another one. I also added two new options: You can turn off the stylestore now. That means you won't learn anything anymore in combat. Apparently some people prefer it that way... You can also turn off getting stylepoints in combat. The game will revert to giving you stylepoints at level-up instead. Again: Some people seem to prefer it that way...

New Combat-End Animations

There was a bit of an obscure problem in the Imperial Arena. When you were offered a new style, but declined to buy it, the animations would collide and the whole affair would become a bit messy. I probably could have simply fixed the bug, but to be honest: the animations were a little bland to begin with. So I created new ones, that are a bit more heroic:

rejecting a new style doesn't make you less of a hero

guys are bigger show offs than girls, of course

The Hummingbird Gem

In the early Betas this very special gem could only be found in the Spirit Cave. That's no problem, if you start a new game. But it's a huge problem, if you update to the current version, while you're much further into the game. So I also added this gem to Zin Bu's inventory.

And a bit of a failure.

I wanted to make Scholar Tsou Ji speak Tho Fan - the old language. I thought I had figured out how to do that, but I had not. That was a premature announcement. Jade Empire's sound format is simply too arcane. I still have no idea whatsoever how JE assosciates dialogs and sounds. There should be an obvious link, but there isn't. *sigh*

Scholar Tsou Ji

UMNiK - - 5 comments

So how much time before i can get a solid 1.0 then? Fantastic, perfectionist even work, btw.

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pecoes Author
pecoes - - 11 comments

I get the feeling the 1.0 will be my last release. In that sense 0.2 is a very good number.

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therogue48 - - 2 comments

Ah yes the gem... Care to share which gem ?

Or perhaps how to even know the right gem has been picked and how to show this legendary cheat panel so I can ommit the pirate island bug ????

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dunde - - 41 comments

Do you have any tool to edit Jade Empire's MDL and mDX files, please?

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