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Version 0.2 is out of Beta and available for download. It has taken a while longer than anticipated - mainly because I was faster at adding new features than at fixing bugs - but now it's finally final. This is the first version you can not only download from Bioware, but also here at the Mod DB. As always the mod comes in an english and a german version. Have Fun!

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What's new?

The Cheat Console

The biggest addition of this version is the new cheat console. I'm not going to list all of its functions here, since it has its own page. Hopefully it will make the use of the savegame editor and other cheating tools unnecessary. Those tools do not set certain variables on which my mod relies and as a consequence may cause the game to behave quirky or even crash.

Other Changes

  • Flame Armors, Storm Armors and Stone Armors:
    • These gems now give a damage bonus and a Chi-cost reduction to their respective magic styles.
    • The stat bonuses these gems previously granted were removed again.
    • The gems have been completely redistributed to make them easier to acquire. Consult the spoiler sections, if you want to know their locations...
  • There's a new technique, that reduces the Focus cost of all your weapon styles.
  • I wrote a brand new system for weapon upgrades, swapped pretty much all the weapon models and changed their advancements...
  • Staff:
    • The animations and stats were altered in order to turn the Staff from a defensive style into an offensive style. It's also quite good at crowd control now...
    • A third upgrade for the Staff was added: Tien's Justice.
  • Spear:
    • The animations and stats were altered significantly. The Spear has become, what the Staff used to be: the perfect defensive style.
    • A new upgrade for the spear was added: the Halberd.
  • A new weapon style - the Morning Stars - was added. This one has some very unique properties...
  • Cobra Venom is now an upgrade instead of a technique.
  • To make Death's Razor a little less cheesy, I added focus costs to the strong attack and the area attack.
  • The description of the Gem of the True Initiate now shows the current specialization
  • Wine and Reprieve are now available from a multitude of merchants and they all carry an infinite supply.
  • Two new healing items were added: Cure and Heal. Cure is more potent than Reprieve. Heal is more potent than Cure.
  • The minigame weapons no longer require button-mashing. Just hold down the mouse button and they'll fire as fast as they can.
  • There is no longer a cutscene if the player declines to buy a new style. There are no animations or special effects either. It all ends quick and unceremoniously as it should.
  • The regular combat end animations looked a little dull and out-of-place in the Imperial Arena. A victory in front of a huge crowd requires a bit of showing off, wouldn't you say? I added those animations...


  • Due to a missing file, it was impossible to level the Blizzard style.
  • Under certain circumstances the player character would become invisible in the Pit of Pain.
  • The animations for learning Tang's Revenge finally play as they do for any other style.
  • Several bugs in the dialog with the water dragon right before the finale were fixed. They caused the dialog to end prematurely and prevented the game from moving forward.
  • The specialization animations collided with regular dialog under certain circumstances.
  • One or two pirates in the fight against Gao's Lieutenant at the end of chapter one would occasionally spawn after the combat round.
  • Non-deadly confrontations would occasionally end with your opponent "paralyzed".
  • Players who had to retry the Imperial Engagement, because they lost the first time, experienced a premature end, because of a faulty counter.
  • In the Arena (and only there) the stylegain animations collided with the armor animations
  • The ocean effects of the mind battle shortly before the finale were broken.
  • The Ogre Transformation's combat end animations collided with the gem armor end animations
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