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Version 0.06 have been released. It features the new deck selection screen.

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Build 0.06

Build version 0.06 is now available at: Daring Adventure - Version 0.06.

You can still access the Indiecade version at: Daring Adventure - Indiecade Version

I was attempting to port a windows and mac build, but encountered some bugs. I will try to make those available as soon as I can.

New in Version 0.06

Deck selection! Hurray! It was a grueling task to figure out how to allow you to select your own deck. Finally, it is here. The two main aspects in the deck selection are selecting the deck (of course) and sorting the available cards.

Selecting the deck:

I gave you 10 of each basic elemental attack cards. When you click an available card on the bottom, it is added to your cards on the top. You can have any combination of cards to go into battle with, but you must choose 20 (for now at least). Your four available heroes utilize Air, Wood, Holy and Magic. So those four are the best place to start your deck. Once you have 20, click Play at the bottom.

Sorting the cards:

At the top of the screen are your various sorting options. Default is including all of the elemental attacks. Each of the elemental sorts are categorized by their associated major and minor elemental spheres. On the top right, you will notice Brawn, Mojo, Wits, and Other sorting options. These will come more into play once you more party customization (i.e. more heroes unlocked). You could use heroes that all have Brawn as the highest attribute, and therefore want to only look at cards that give a bonus to Brawn. It will also come into play with treasure cards. A treasure card may not have any elements or attributes - such as a Healing Drought. This card would then be categorized by the Other sorting option.


Now, go out and build your deck to help you succeed in battle!

As an example

Let's say you were tailoring a deck to face a sky eating spawn of the old gods:

Old One's Spawn

This creature is of the Air element. If you remember the elements chart released in build 0.05:

Element Control and Agonists

Then, you would want to stack your deck with Wood and Crafted cards. You can choose a Rogue, who utilizes Wood element. However, you do not own any heroes that can utilize Crafted elements. On the other hand, since the Sky Eater is Air, you would not want to solely use Earth or Holy attacks in your deck. You own a priest, so unfortunately your priest will not be valuable against this Chaos Beast. The best deck in this case would include 10 wood to capitalize on the Rogue's advantage, and 1-2 of each of the others. That way you might still be able to get a location bonus. Just be weary of attacking Holy with your Priest.

As always, any feedback good or bad is most appreciated.

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