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Hi everyone, Version 0.03 of Light of Shadow is released here being the first version in this website, the version is free to play for everyone if want to test it.

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First if don't know about this game this is a game where you will need protect of a darkness monster maintaining light. But there are more creatures that will be hostile to you and use the dark creature is the only thing you can do to defend yourself. You are trapped in the ruins mysterious city unhabited by some creatures that were nearly destroyed by the darkness monster and just some survivors still alive triying to maintain their lights.



This version will be the interior of the building in Blue Forest, a place where they store plants and have crops. Some sort of green house.

In this version I introduced a new zone in wich you will need pass trough a barrier of light that you can see in the screenshot, and for that you will need interact with 2 peaceful creatures. Depending of your actions you will be able to continue using 3 different methods.

In this images you can see both creatures:


You can try help them or make them your enemies like you can see in this screenshot, the devourer worm change and will attack you and create acid puddles.


There are some dangerous plants that periodically will attack you in this building.


I also added a new secret disc that will work in the projector, the disc will be the collectible item in this game. The use of this will be know more about the history of the city and also sometimes will show maps on secret places or cryptic indications. This one is the first about the history of the city.


This are the full patch notes:

V 0.02- V 0.03

-New zone with new creatures, puzzles and different interactions.

-A new lightdisk is added that will start show the history of this place

-Find generators competition still on, altough some people found one of them only who find both will have credit.

-Darkness monster will be more aggresive with no light.

-Reduced slightly plants duration(Was possible stack a lot of plants, wasnt really an issue but looked stupid)

Bug fixes and improvements

-Changed entrace background cause didnt have sense with lore. Before you could see the exterior but you shouldnt cause this is supossed to be sealed

-Now is possible control the menus using the directional arrows and E.

-Something that I still dont understand how worked now have reason to work.

-Some colliders were upgraded and added.(Probably all patch notes will have this)

-Some minor sound adjustements

I will appreciate any feedback, bug reports or anything. Thanks for reading

Here is the official discord server if interested:

And the direct download link:


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