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Version 002 released: -mouse control -AZERTY keyboard support EP2 news

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Version 002 released:
-mouse control
-AZERTY keyboard support

EP2 news, progress of works:-graphics and levels: 70%
-scripting: 10%
-story: 70%
-overall: 70%

Mac version: soon... I hope...

Episode 2 WIP images

booman - - 3,654 comments

YES! Mouse control? that is stinking awesome! will you apply it to Episode one too?

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kneekoo - - 12 comments

It's already in Episode 1 v002 - the second release of the episode.

1. I wish the mouse would work in the main menu.
2. A mouse sensitivity setting would be great.
3. Alt-F4 = main menu? That simply closes the whole game. There's no way to return to the main menu.

Thank you for adding mouse control! :) It's much better than before. :) I simply replayed it from scratch and it works just fine.

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endike Author
endike - - 8 comments

There is mouse sens. control, please read the help in game... it is 2-3 rows only. :)
Hm... altF4 closes the program? What is you opsystem?

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kneekoo - - 12 comments

I use Linux Mint 9 (based on Ubuntu 10.04) and I started the game with

I found the mouse controls... but I first went to the readme file and nothing there. Then I started the game and I used Help / Credits thinking it would be there - also not found. I was a bit puzzled but then I remembered about the in-game help. I still didn't find the mouse controls by pressing H. I had to press M for more keys.

A simpler way should be considered. I don't know if returning to the main menu would be possible in-game and get back to the game exactly in the same place in the same state but it's pretty standard to most games. It would be quite nice to hit escape for the game menu so you can access the preferences/settings area where you can tick on/off and adjust stuff.

Anyway, I just want you to know I could live with the very first version and I still liked the game. :) So thank you again! I can barely wait for the second episode. :) Good luck with the donations!

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booman - - 3,654 comments

thanks for the release, downloading now!
Can't wait to play with the mouse active

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