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Vendetta Source did die back in 2006, sometime before September, this was most unfortunate news. Almost 3 years on the mod is being restarted by me (The original leader) because I have spent the last few years doing programming (mainly web programming) and I am now chasing a career in game programming.

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The mod died because the team were concerned that I was going to university, as a result, the team eventually disbanded and the mod died a premature death.

During the time I studied at university, I eventually dropped out within my first year and persued a career in web development. In my spare time I played around with things like the Irrlicht Game Engine and C++ not to mention PHP, Ruby on Rails and other programming languages.

I enjoy games, I enjoy gaming and I work on successful web-projects all the time. I am now tired of the web and want to move into games for good, this was always my original ambition - to be a games programmer.

I am going to be persuing a career as a games programmer and I will be going back to university but trust me, university is not as bad as people may think and if I am doing games development - Vendetta Source will be the perfect hobby to compliment my studies.

I still need to prepare some things, setup another website, get some plans together - I will be keeping the class based system and such as they were intended but I believe the gameplay is too ambitious and needs to be toned down initially until more can be done to appeal to the gamers.

Watch out for updates, I'll keep you posted.

p.s. I'll be going at this solo for now until I require help and find the perfect candidates to assist me.


It is... alive!

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