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Mighty and ancient races of the New Canon. Races, which have ancient history.

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Mighty race of the bears, who made their own hyper-empire behind the stars. They prefer to make alliances with other races and make peace with all agressive enemies. Velogari is a peaceful and kind-hearted race, which representatives anytime ready to help others. They are friends of Humans, Dragons and Elf`Urr. Race of wizards and keepers of the ancient knowledge. They combining technologies and magic. This race have republic government style and demoracy in their life. Kindness - is their style.

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Agressive and arrogant humanoid race from the Far Borders of the universe. They created own empire and controlled many star systems. They can`t be named as the friends of humans and other races. Many representatives of the N`Sai thinks about other races, as about low life forms. They are egocentric and cruel in many factors. They have combination between magic and technologies, but also this race concentrating on military power and have really violent martial system. They have powerful dictature in the government.

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This race is legendary and almost mythic. Many races don`t know how they look. N`Sai calling them as Creators. Many representatives of this race are Gods for the other life forms of universe. Many wizards thinks that H`Shangaara can be creators of the all famous races. Almost no one can say about the natural form of this mysterious godlike race. But anyone knows about their absolute power. They simply can create a star system or a planet. They can destroy the black hole or open it. They are... Absolutex.


(p.s. I used arts from the internet, and their rights are reserved... No copyright violation.)

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