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Now in Version 2.3! Iron sights fixed and AKS restored. Click the title above for details.

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Now in Version 2.3!

  • All the iron sights have been fixed! Most were improperly aligned and/or sighted incorrectly. The animation on the vz.83 has been fixed. Thanks to Mazryonh on ModDb for noticing these problems. The recoil animation has been adjusted on a few other guns, as well.
  • The carrying capacity has been changed so that it is based on volume. So guns that have smaller rounds will have a larger carrying capacity. This should help improve game balance.
  • Maximum semi-auto fire rates have been adjusted to be proportional to recoil. Most have been significantly increased to be more realistic.
  • To address concerns about the 5.56mm NATO round and its stopping power I have changed the 552 Commando and the G36C to use the 77 grain Mk 262. Mazryonh on ModDb pointed out that the fragmentation of the 5.56mm is dependant on the muzzle velocity and gave valuable references. On barrel lengths less than 11.5" the exit velocity of the standard 4.1 gram bullet is not sufficient for fragmentation over the entire 300m range of the round. While this would not affect the performance of the round over the ranges encountered in this game, it would be realistic that the user of the gun would equip it with the appropriate ammunition: in this case the Mk 262.
  • Continued penetration has been tweaked and now based on momentum. Larger rounds are now more likely to over-penetrate than smaller rounds.
  • Due to popular demand the AKS-74U has been changed back to using a supersonic round. The ability to use a suppressor has been removed to maintain realism.

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