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This update is about the progress on major update 3 for Vector Prime.

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Hey all,

Here's an update on progress on the newest update for Vector Prime.

Basically, the only things which need to be edited are the random map generator and the diplomat replacement. We've already added the new planet textures, new hero 3d images, new UI, new demo screen and new ship models.

We've also revamped the entire spy system, which supports the low population killoff rate by blasters and ion cannons. This will result in making planets more easy to capture (rendering hours-long glassing obsolete).

Expect Major update 3 before the end of this month if all goes well!

If you've made a Vector Prime video, and want to have it listed in the youtube playlist of Haegemonia Vector Prime videos, please post a comment with the link here, or send me a message!

Vector Prime Playlist:

That was it for this time!


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