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While labouring away at completing the navmeshing for Vault 24 I did a quick check of the rest of New Vegas, and discovered that when finished, Vault 24 will be approximately 70% of the size of all other interior areas in the game combined!

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Navmeshing continues at a tiring, but break-neck speed, along with the realization of how ridiculously large the Vault is.

Massive Navmeshing

Over the past two weeks I have split my work between adding a few new sections, and Navmeshing. As I mentioned previously, navmeshing is a horrible, thankless, but critical job for area mods in New Vegas (and Fallout 3). Tens upon tens of hours have been spent thus far, and I think I have moved well past the halfway point for this task. The work was insane enough that I got to wondering just how big this vault is. I took out my trusty calculator, and added up all the navmeshes for ALL the interior areas of New Vegas, and got around 56000 triangles total. I then did the same for the areas of Vault 24 finished already, and extrapolated for the remainder, and got approximately 40000 triangles. That means that Vault 24 may be around 70% the size of all other Interior areas of New Vegas combined.

Navmeshed Levels Screens

Dormatory A NavmeshedLower Stairwells NavmeshedQuarters 1 Navmeshed

Vault Conduit Passages

Thanks to the outstanding and generous work of SpeedyB64 over at the NewVegasNexus (link) forums, I have in hand a new set of vault tiles which will allow the creation of narrow, mostly hidden passages running behind the walls of large sections of the Vault. This tile-set was created to expand upon a partially revealed 'conduit' passage in one of the default vault pieces of both Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Originally you could only peek into this conduit passage, and wonder what might lie within. Now the will be fully explorable, and will add greatly to the complexity and possibilities within Vault 24.

Vault Conduit Passages Screens

Vault Conduit PassagesVault Conduit Passages

Next up will be...more navmeshing...

PembrokeWelshCorgi - - 57 comments

I thank you for doing your thankless job. This project is looking very impressive and I can't wait to see the finished result. Keep up the great work.

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cambragol Author
cambragol - - 116 comments

I guess it is not completely thankless!

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Computica - - 692 comments

Thanks Cambragol for your hard work. I know how tuff it is to apply the NavMesh for any game.

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Hidraga - - 201 comments

Awesome! Thanks!

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GmansFan - - 221 comments

This is looking good, and I'm definetly getting Fallout New Vegas for my PC just for this mod.

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