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Vault 24 Alpha version 0.7 has been released. It adds navmeshes for every cell in the entire vault. The Storage level has also been split into 4 separate cells. Some 'conduit' passageways are included.

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It has been a long time since the last major update. My habit of bi-weekly updates was broken, but for good reason. I decided that I would push on and complete the navmeshes for the 0.7 update. That has been done, and with it a huge portion of the work ( and the dullest of the work) is behind me now. There are additional changes in this release, but they are minor compared to the navmesh completion.

New Vault Tilesets

Aside from the navmeshing, a lot of other work has been done. I took a several week break from navmeshing last month, and tried my hand at 3D modelling. I am a rank amateur, but I have managed to come up with close to a hundred models for a series of new tilesets. These tilesets include a 2-story Vault Utility set, a FEF Utility chambre set, a large diameter ventilation shaft set, a small diameter ventilation passageway set, a vault conduit passageway set, and modifications to numerous vanilla models to allow ALL of these sets to fit together. Together they will allow a complete exploration of the vault, in virtually any direction, into every nook and cranny that a human can possibly squeeze.

Here are some screens of some of the tilesets. Images of them in use will be forthcoming.

New Vault Tilesets

Vault Conduit PassagewaysVault Conduit AccesswaysVault Ventilation Passageways

A large chunk of the models were based on work by SpeedyB64, from the Nexus forums. He generously laid the groundwork, which helped me complete these sets with relative ease, and in good time. Currently he is lending his skills to the project again, as he creates a modular working elevator tileset. This elevator should be pretty interesting, as it is an actual, functioning elevator, rather than an illusory elevator as found elsewhere in Fallout. You can check out a preview of his work here: Vault Elevator

Next up will be more polishing, and selected optimization. Additionally, I will begin work on correct signage for the vault.

Version Alpha 0.7


Wow... just wow. Amazing tiles

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cambragol Author

Glad you like them. I released them on the New Vegas Nexus as separate modders' resources for those interested.

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